1 Timothy 4:12

I hear people saying all the time that teenagers aren’t capable of leading, they aren’t capable of doing things for themselves. I strongly disagree! This past Sunday we had another great and successful Youth Sunday. Some of our students (21 of them) took over the Sunday morning services at our church. They lead worship, wrote and performed their own skit, wrote and delivered their own communion and offering meditations, and wrote and preached their own sermons! 

They didn’t do this because they are all extroverted people that love the spotlight- although for sure, some of them can be- but because they were given the opportunity and were willing to take it!

God is doing BIG things through students! It is a blessing to be able to work with teens willing to do BIG things for God! Proud of you guys!

Also thankful for parents who let us work with their teens and trust our ministry!